I am disappointed with my purchase of the Dunster House Balcony Fort Climbing Frame. The wood used in the construction of this climbing frame is thin and flimsy, making it feel unstable and unsafe for children to play on. I was expecting a sturdier and more durable product, especially given the price tag.

Furthermore, the climbing frame does not work well on unlevel ground. Even minor inclines or slopes can cause it to wobble, making it a dangerous play area for children. It is frustrating to have to constantly adjust and re-level the frame every time we move it, and I worry about the safety of my children when they play on it.

I also found that children over 7 years old have difficulty using this climbing frame. The design seems to be more geared towards younger children, and the structure feels too small and cramped for older kids to enjoy. I was hoping for a product that would be versatile and suitable for children of all ages, but unfortunately, that is not the case with this product.

Lastly, the wooden monkey bars are prone to rotting. Despite the claims of durability, the wood has not held up well in wet weather, and we have noticed signs of rotting after only a few months of use. This is unacceptable, given the price of the product, and I worry about the safety of my children playing on a structure that is not built to withstand the elements.

Overall, I would not recommend the Dunster House Balcony Fort Climbing Frame. The flimsy wood, difficulty on unlevel ground, limitations for older children, and issues with rotting make it an unsafe and unsatisfactory product.

Asked to remain anonymous