You can find these amazing playsets on the Play Crazy website. These sets are made from really heavy-duty pressure-treated timber. The best thing is that each leg and pole touching the floor is dug into the ground and concreted allowing you to build these onto sloping floors. We have actually built these towers into stepped gardens with angled bridges and slopes and we cut the legs or dig the holes to fit, make sure the deck is level, swings are most certainly level and it “just works” The issue many climbing frames have purchased online from companies like Selwood, Wickey and Dunster House is that they are all designed to be build on a level garden, so if the garden is sloping then the swings wont work correctly and put strain on the playset and swing rather than going straight will be like a C shape. If you need help then please do message us your thoughts, wish list, location and needs and we can try and help


This Play Crazy garden treehouse is:

1.5m sq platform size

3m Swing 

The slide is fitted onto the 1.5m deck height. It will stick out around 2.4m from the tower

optional swings, baby seats and tyre swing etc

This has the monkey bar upgrade