The ‘Farm Playhouse 2 Swing’ Climbing Frame from Jungle Gym Backyard Playgrounds   The Farm Playhouse climbing frame from Jungle Gym is a fun-filled children’s play frame packed with character and lots of popular climbing frame accessories. The Farm Playhouse 2 Swing playset features a large wooden play fort with everything from railed play decks

The ‘Palace Mini Market 2 Swing’ Climbing Frame from Jungle Gym   The Palace Mini Market climbing frame is similar to the Palace Playhouse from Jungle Gym Backyard Playgrounds. The Palace Mini Market features a solid wooden play tower with a main play deck plus a lookout box just like the Palace Playhouse climbing frame

Comparing the Osborn and the Whitby Climbing Frame from Selwood Products   The fun packed Whitby climbing frame is new to the Selwood range for 2014. This playset is very similar to the Woodchester, the Oriana Prestige and the Burghley climbing frames from Selwood. The Whitby climbing frame includes a sturdy wooden play tower including

The Selwood Audley Deluxe Climbing Frame

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Installing an Audley Deluxe Climbing Frame from Selwood Products   The Audley Deluxe is a spectacular looking children’s playset from Selwood Products’ range of climbing frames. This action packed play frame looks great in any medium to large size garden and will keep the kids amused for hours.   The Audley Deluxe is a spacious

Installation of a Selwood Products Arlington Climbing Frame   The Arlington playset is truly impressive and features many exciting activities to keep children entertained. The Arlington is one of the larger climbing frames in the Selwood range and is fantastic value for money as it has a great deal to offer. This stunning playset is

PlayCrazy Double Tower Wooden Climbing Frame Install   This brilliantly unique children’s climbing frame from PlayCrazy consists of a strong wooden frame with a wide range of fun activities including a slide, swing, cargo net and much more that kids will love! This double tower playset is jam packed with various accessories, making this an

Custom Built Double Tower PlayCrazy Climbing Frame Install   Climbing frames are a great way to keep children happy and active and keep boredom at bay! Double tower climbing frames from PlayCrazy certainly prevent boredom as they are jam packed with fun activities. The PlayCrazy double tower climbing frame featured here is a modular custom

Selwood Penshurst Climbing Frame

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Selwood Penshurst Climbing Frame Install The Penshurst climbing frame from Selwood Products is an exciting children’s playset crammed with activities and accessories that kids will love! The Penshurst is quite similar to the Ridgeview Deluxe, the Osborn and the Clair-Monte climbing frames from Selwood. This impressive climbing frame features a sturdy wooden play tower with

Selwood Audley Deluxe Climbing Frame Installation    This luxury children’s playset from Selwood Product’s range of beautifully designed climbing frames is what every child’s dreams are made of! The Audley Deluxe climbing frame is best suited to medium or large size gardens as it is crammed full of fun activities. The Audley Deluxe play frame

Myers Climbing Frame Install The unique looking Myers climbing frame from Selwood Products is a beautifully designed children’s play frame with plenty of exciting activities to keep kids happy. The Myers climbing frame includes brilliant space saving features such as the monkey bar/ swing set combo so you won’t need a massive garden for it.