Custom & Bespoke Climbing Frame, Treehouse and Playhouse Team

We have been working with so many of the top manufacturers for many years and have found even though customers have such a wide choice of playsets on the market, you can almost buy what you like sometimes the level of your ground sometimes stops people buying frames from the Selwood, Wickey, Fatmoose and Costco ranges which need to be built onto a level surface and if it isn’t the swing wont work and twist the playset, We have many nice accessories you can add to frames, however we have had customers asking for larger platforms so we do have set sizes but can also make anything you like. 

Play Set Erection Team

How we aim to give you the customer the best deal is to utilize some of the best designs and build ideas from all of the manufacturers that we put into each design with our own flair, and amazing quality wood. We use the best quality timber on our playsets and treehouses. You might have a little more on the value but the quality and longitvity will pay for itself. 

The next stage would be to workout your design, we just need to have your likes and dislikes, ages of children now and how long you want it to last for. We often ask you to find samples of what we have done or even other manufactourers to get the perfect design. A complete bespoke made to measure climbing frame directly for you, a one-stop place to have what you want to be built just for your garden, around tress, in trees, or just a multi towers / level play park system to impress your whole neighborhood.

You will find our small team is able to produce you a lot, we just need to figure out what you want. I’m Peter, call the 07792309588 number and 99% of the time it will be me. If you can’t get through please do send me a text with your location and playset you want or looking to order and I will get back to you. I spend a lot of time driving and builds myself so cannot always answer and its easier to look through messages than to go through a voicemail list. I pride the business on good customer service and always trying to be the one contact and installer. When we have tried to grow the quality moves and contact from us at first to the build needs to be the same person. 

We are however professional climbing frame installers were not handymen or builders. We have been tested always happy for a full ROSPA inspection for commercial installs after we have completed at first to confirm the installation was true and correct at first. If you have your playset installed by a handyman that goes wrong its harder to fix than just getting us in to begin with. We work with solicitors as well, installs that have gone wrong and ending in legal action can sometimes require a full report from a safety aspect, the installation correctness report as independent accessors.



There are many reasons why bespoke and custom made play equipment are better than flat-pack climbing frames. Here are a few of the most important reasons:


Bespoke climbing frames are customised to your needs.

You can choose the features and accessories that you want, and that your children are interest in. We’ll ensure The play equipment will be built to your specifications. Flat-pack climbing frames, on the other hand, come with a limited set of features and accessories, and you may not be able to find one that meets all of your needs.


Bespoke climbing frames are suitable for all ages

They will be suitable for both younger and older children, with higher rock-walls, longer monkey bars, and flat-step ladders. We ensure they’re strong enough for parents to use too, because we know you’ll want to play too! Flat-pack climbing frames only have a 50kg weight limit, and a tick-box approch to features – which are outgrown very quickly!


Bespoke climbing frames are made-to-measure for your garden size or layout

This means that they will fit perfectly in your garden, no matter how big or small it is. Flat-pack climbing frames come in standard sizes, so you may have to compromise on the size of your climbing frame if your garden is not the perfect size or shape.


Bespoke climbing frames are suitable for uneven or sloped surfaces

Not all gardens are completely flat, which makes a bespoke climbing frame an ideal choice. The legs and swings are cut to size on-site to ensure they sit level. Multi-towers can be built across or down a hill, utilising the landscape to make them even more fun, and look amazing from your house. Flat-pack climbing frames all need a flat-level surface, to ensure the swings swing straight, and the fort doesn’t lean. 


Bespoke climbing frames are built to last.

They are made with high-quality materials and construction techniques, which means that they will stand up to the elements and heavy use. Flat-pack climbing frames are built to meet a price point, and use thinner wood (view our wood comparison) and cheaper hardware, so may not be as durable and may need to be replaced sooner.

Overall, bespoke climbing frames are a better investment than flat-pack climbing frames. They are made to measure, made from high-quality materials, designed for safety, built to last, and customized to your needs. If you are looking for a climbing frame that will provide your children with many years of fun and enjoyment, then a bespoke climbing frame is the best option.

Custom Build or Flat-Pack? 

Ground Level:

Don’t worry about unlevel gardens or grounds with our custom sets. Each leg is dug into the ground and concreted so we can build onto most levels and slopes and angle the bridges, on significant slopes we can even make the legs to measure. 


Our playset poles are concreted, fireman poles and swing legs are dug into the ground and then concreted securely. This keeps the playset in, safe and unable to move or rock allowing our sets to last longer than most other playsets in the market.  

 Keeping reading to see the difference in our wood quality……