Installing a Selwood Skyfort Climbing Frame 


Climbing Frame InstallerThe Skyfort is an impressive looking children’s climbing frame from Selwood Product’s playset range. This spectacular climbing frame is one of Selwood’s most action packed frames and is designed with larger gardens in mind. If you are not lucky enough to have a garden that is spacious enough for the Skyfort, then Selwood have a fantastic range of climbing frames on offer in all different shapes and sizes to suit all gardens. For example, some playsets by Selwood Products that are more compact than the Skyfort, but with just as much entertainment for kids are the Ridgeview Deluxe, the Osborn, the Felbrigg, the Rendle Fort climbing frame and more!

The Skyfort climbing frame is made from beautiful cedar wood, as are all of the Selwood Products play frames. The wood is treated with a red stain which prevents the wood from rotting and it is also made to be soft and splinter free for children to climb on. Once treated, the cedar wood is a dark red colour which is what makes Selwood climbing frames so distinguishable. The wood is a gorgeous colour that blends in with the natural colours of your garden and is great for adding character!

This stunning climbing frame is fantastic value for money as it includes everything that Climbing Frame Builders and Fitterskids cold dream of having in their very own play area. The Skyfort is crammed full of exciting activities which can provide safe, fun play for your family for years to come. This jam packed playset is ideal for larger families, kids parties or just having friends over to play. It is perfect for a large group of children to play on at once as there are plenty of activities to go around and kids will be guaranteed to want to show it off to all their friends.

This brilliant climbing frame includes an impressive sturdy wooden play tower which not only features a spacious, raised playhouse but it also includes two balcony areas for children to enjoy looking over the garden from. The raised wooden playhouse is great for little ones to create their own secret play den where there is plenty of room to store other toys and play. The playhouse is fully enclosed with slatted windows to the front and side of the play frame. It is covered by a solid wooden roof which provides protection from rain and direct sunlight so children can play whatever the weather. The play deck/ balcony area outside the playhouse is railed around the outside to keep little ones safe from tumbles.

Kids will love climbing either the rockwall at the front of the climbing frame or the step ladder at the back to reach the playhouse and balcony areas. The rockwall is a slightly more challenging climb that confident climbers will enjoy and younger children to grow into, whilst the step ladder provides an alternative way to reach the playhouse for less confident climbers or younger children.

Underneath the play house is a built in wooden picnic bench sheltered by the play deck which is the perfect place for children to rest between play or have a picnic break. A picnic bench is a great place for children to socialise and is ideal for outdoor arts and crafts and doesn’t make a mess in the house either!

To the side of the play tower is the swing beam which features a two child glider swing as well as two single belt swings. The belt swings are specially designed with safety in mind as they grip children’s hips whilst they are swinging and the two child glider swing is great for encouraging social play. Supported by the swing beam is the second balcony area and lookout box. The lookout box is railed all the way around the outside and sits on top of the swing beam. The lookout box is unique to the Skyfort climbing frame and is the highest point for children to climb to from the playhouse.

Climbing Frame InstallerThe opposite side of the play tower boasts the very popular monkey bars which kids will go wild for! Monkey bars are especially popular with slightly older children who like a challenge and are a fantastic way for children to build on their strength and coordination. Monkey bars are also a great accessory for younger children to grow into and will prevent little ones from getting bored of this play frame.

The front of the Skyfort climbing frame boasts the wavy slide which is a fun way to exit the playdeck and get back to ground level. A slide is a timeless climbing frame accessory that kids won’t be able to get enough of and it is specially designed with high side rails to keep children safe from tumbles all the way down.

Climbing frames are an excellent way for children to stay healthy and active and they also keep boredom at bay for hours! Don’t let the kids miss out and get yours now!

For assistance with the installation of your climbing frame, contact the climbing frame installers now for a fast and professional installation service. Our fabulous team of climbing frame builders have over 8 years experience and are always happy to help.