Installation of a Selwood Osborn Climbing Frame


Climbing Frame InstallerPart of the Selwood Products Olympia Series, the Osborn climbing frame provides safe, fun play for all the family. The Osborn is a brilliantly designed play frame which is ideal for those who have smaller gardens but want to fit everything in still. The Osborn is a relatively compact playset designed with smaller gardens in mind but it includes many exciting activities and provides just as much play value as some larger climbing frames.

The Osborn is very similar to the Penshurst, the Felbrigg, the Myers and the Woodchester climbing frames from Selwood Products they are all just slightly different. Choosing a climbing frame often depends on many things including space limitations you may have, your garden type, your children and personal preference of course.

The Osborn climbing frame can provide hours of fun for your children and is guaranteed to last as it is treated to be rot-resistant. All of Selwood climbing frames are made from beautiful cedar wood which is treated with an attractive red stain to make it rot-resistant. The red stain is what makes the Selwood climbing frames stand out and they make a fantastic addition to any garden! The cedar wood is soft and splinter free so it not only is ideal for children to climb on but it also looks great!

This beautiful climbing frame includes a sturdy wooden play tower which features a spacious 4ft high play deck for children to climb to. Kids will love scrambling up the rockwall ladder at the back of the climbing frame to the playhouse at the top of the play tower. The playhouse is covered by a solid wooden roof which offers protection from rain and direct sunlight so children can play happily whatever the weather.

The spacious playdeck which supports the upper playhouse is partially enclosed around the outside to keep children safe from tumbles but allows them to see out and enjoy the view over the garden which is part of the fun. The slide at the front of the playset provides a fun exit route down from the playhouse which kids will go wild for!

Underneath the playdeck is a second play house which is enclosed around the outside. This Climbing Frame Installationgives the feeling that the kids have their very own secret play den and is an ideal place to store other toys. The lower playhouse features a large window/ serving hatch at the front and a door at the back of the play frame. The serving hatch includes two stools providing an area for kids to rest between play and it is also great for games such as shops and restaurants or cafes.

The Osborn climbing frame also features the very popular space saving monkey bar/ swing beam combo. This fantastic addition from Selwood to a lot of their climbing frames saves space in your garden but offers two brilliant activities in the space of one! Monkey bars are a fantastic way for little ones to build their strength, improve their coordination and challenge themselves. Older children will love the monkey bars especially and the module also includes three swing seats.

This fun packed playset is the ideal climbing frame for any garden and will provide years of fun for the kids.

For help with the installation of your climbing frame, contact the climbing frame installers now for a fast and professional installation service. Our experienced playset builders are here to help.