The New Climbing Frame Range from Selwood Products


Selwood have introduced some brand new playsets to their range of children’s play equipment, just in time for Christmas and the new year! Climbing frames are a fantastic way to keep children active and healthy all year round, and they make the perfect Christmas presents too.

Selwood Products offer a wide range of children’s play frames, all made from high quality cedar wood. The wood is treated to make it soft and splinter free for children to enjoy playing on and it also looks attractive in any garden. Selwood’s range includes stunning playsets that are perfect for any garden size, whether you have a small, medium or are lucky enough to have a large garden.

New climbing frames added to the Selwood range in time for 2014 are:


Sunview Junior Climbing Frame:

This climbing frame is the perfect frame for younger children or those who only have a small garden space. Kids will love climbing up the rock wall to the wooden play deck which leads to the slide also. This play frame is the perfect thing to keep young children amused for hours and it includes a swing set too!


Providence Climbing Frame:

The Providence climbing frame is an impressive garden playset that children will go wild for! It includes a railed play deck, rockwall ladder, picnic bench area, wavy slide, swings and more! The brightly coloured slide and canopy roof makes this exciting climbing frame a delight to have in your garden.


Oriana Prestige Climbing Frame:

The Oriana Prestige playset is very similar to the Osborn, the Woodchester and the Myers climbing frames from Selwood. This beautiful climbing frame is great value for money and you don’t need acres of space in your garden either!


Blaise Climbing Frame:

The Blaise climbing frame is similar to the Myers, the Osborn, the Penshurst and the Oriana Prestige play frames. The Blaise climbing frame includes a spectacular play tower with a spacious play deck and it also includes the popular space saving monkey bar/ swing set combo. This playset features everything that kids could dream of!


Felbrigg Climbing Frame:

The Felbrigg also includes the monkey bar/ swing set combo which saves space in your garden but also adds more play value for the kids. The Felbrigg is very similar to the Blaise climbing frame, as well as the Myers and the Osborn climbing frames.


Darwin Climbing Frame:

The Darwin climbing frame is a spectacular action packed playset with every activity that children could dream of! TheDarwinplay frame can only be compared to other large climbing frames from Selwood such as the Skyfort, the Wellan and the Cedar Valley Lodge climbing frames.


Wellan Climbing Frame:

This impressive climbing frame is perfect for slightly older children too as it includes a larger play tower with a higher playdeck, two slides, a swing set and lots more! The Wellan playset has been designed with larger gardens in mind and is the ideal play frame for bigger garden spaces.


Ashdown Climbing Frame:

The Ashdown climbing frame is similar to but even larger than the Wellan climbing frame. Like the Wellan playset, it also includes two play towers with two slides, monkey bars and swing set. This fantastic play frame is perfect for older children as well as young children.


Arden Climbing Frame:

The Arden climbing frame is one of the largest and most impressive climbing frames in the Selwood range. It has similarities to the Skyfort, the Wellan and the Ashdown climbing frames. This playset is ideal if you are lucky enough to have a large garden.


Mega Fort Climbing Frame:

The Mega Fort is also a spacious climbing frame which includes many exciting activities and is designed with large gardens in mind. The Mega Fort looks similar to the Plum Wildebeest climbing frame and includes two large play towers, numerous slides, a footbridge connecting the two play towers and lots more! The Mega Fort is similar to Double Tower climbing frames from PlayCrazy and NI Climbing Frames also.

For assistance with installing your climbing frame, contact the climbing frame installers for a fast and professional installation service. Our experienced climbing frame builders are always happy to help.