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The Goldenridge from Selwood Products is a beautiful wooden climbing frame with a huge amount of play space and fun activities that kids will find irresistible. This fully loaded relatively large playset is ideal for any medium to large size garden space and will provide years of enjoyment for your children. The Goldenridge is a unique looking climbing frame which adds character to any garden and is the perfect way to prevent boredom. This aesthetically pleasing play frame is a delight to watch your children play on and is certainly something you would want to show off at kids parties or even just when children have their friends round to play.

The Goldenridge climbing frame includes a sturdy wooden play frame featuring partially enclosed upper and lower play houses. The 1.5m high wooden play deck gives rise to the upper playhouse and a railed balcony area. The spacious raised playhouse and balcony area are covered by a solid wooden roof with pretty sunburst detail providing protection from rain and direct sunlight so children can play happily regardless of the weather.

Underneath the play deck is the second partially enclosed play house which includes beautiful detailing such as a small door and slatted Climbing Frame Installation windows at the front of the climbing frame. The lower play den provides children with a second spacious and sheltered play area which can be used in almost any weather and is the ideal setting for a secret play den. It is also the perfect place for storing other toys and children will love having their very own playhouse.

The upper playhouse supported by the 1.5m high play deck is accessed by climbing either the solid wooden rock wall with multicolour hand and foot grips or the wooden step ladder at the back of the climbing frame. This gives kids two ways of entering the playhouse and if the rock wall is too challenging for younger children to begin with, they can climb the step ladder but will also have something to grow into.

Perhaps the most exciting feature of the Goldenridge play frame is the enclosed yellow tube slide which offers a super speedy and super fun way down from the raised play deck. The enclosed tube slide is the perfect way to ensure kids are safe all the way down the slide and give them a thrilling activity they will want to do over and over again. The enclosed tube slide spirals round from the side of the climbing frame, making it a fantastic way of saving space in your garden but still including a slide in your children’s playset.

Last but not least is the swing set which is showcased on the opposite side of the climbing frame to the slide. The swing beam includes two flexible belt swings and a two child glider swing allowing several children to play at once on this playset. The Goldenridge is large enough and fun packed enough to be the ideal climbing frame for a group of children to play on at once and is therefore the perfect party piece at children’s parties and great for having friends round to play. This fully loaded play frame will definitely keep boredom at bay and will give your kids years on end of fun!


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The Goldenridge climbing frame is manufactured from attractive red stained cedar wood which blends into any garden space. The cedar wood is rot resistant to keep your playset alive for years to come as well as looking great!

For assistance with installing your climbing frame please contact the climbing frame installers now for a fantastic value quote. Our professional, fully insured climbing frame builders are experienced in the erection of garden play sets and are here to help. Covering England and Wales.