Audley Climbing Frame Installation


Climbing Frame Installer

The impressive Audley climbing frame from Selwood Products is a fun packed children’s playset with many activities to keep kids busy. This stunning play frame includes a large wooden play tower featuring a 1.5m high play deck and balcony area for kids to climb to. The play deck is partially enclosed around the outside so little ones are kept safe but can still see out to wave to mum and dad below.

The play deck is also covered by a solid wooden roof which provides protection from rain and direct sunlight so children can play happily whatever the weather! The raised partially enclosed play deck is the perfect place for kids to have their very own secret play den that they can play in for hours. To one side of the playhouse is a railed balcony area which kids will enjoy the view from. The playhouse and balcony area are accessed via either the wooden step ladder at the back of the play frame or the solid rock wall with multicolour hand and foot grips at the front. The step ladder provides younger children with a way of climbing to the play deck with confidence whilst the rock wall is more of a challenging climb aimed at older children.

Climbing Frame Erection Team The side of the Audley play tower boasts the curved slide which bends round from the side of the climbing frame to the front of it. This slide is a brilliant way to save garden space so you will not need a massive garden for this playset.

Underneath the play house is a second spacious play area which is sheltered by the play deck providing a great play space where other outdoor toys can be stored also. The lower play area includes a large window/ serving hatch at the front of the playset that is complete with two stools and a tarpaulin canopy, making it the perfect shady place for kids to rest between play. The serving hatch can also inspire fun games such as cafes and restaurants or shops and so on.

On the opposite side of the climbing frame to the slide is another amazing space saving feature, the monkey bar/ swing combo set. This accessory is a brilliant way of getting two activities in the space of one so kids won’t miss out on any fun climbing frame activities. The monkey bars are a great activity for older children to enjoy testing their strength and improving co-ordination skills and it also provides an activity for younger children to grow into. The monkey bar/ swing combo also includes two flexible belt swings and a trapeze bar for kids to enjoy swinging on.

The Audley climbing frame is perfect for several children to play together at once as it includes so many exciting activities and a spacious play house area. The Audley makes a brilliant party piece at kids parties and is always a hit when friends come round to play. The Audley is a breath taking climbing frame which you will certainly want to show off so get yours now!

If you would like assistance with installing your climbing frame, please contact the climbing frame installers today for a fast, professional installation service at an unbeatable price. Our experienced team of fully insured climbing frame builders are always happy to help.