Balmoral Fort Climbing Frame Install


Climbing Frame InstallationThe Balmoral Fort Climbing Frame from Selwood Products is a pretty children’s playset designed specifically for those who have limited garden space. Being the most compact climbing frame in Selwood’s range the Balmoral Fort is ideal for small gardens but still provides various fun activities and a raised playhouse for children to enjoy.

This compact play frame includes a play tower manufactured from cedar wood with a spacious 1.2m high play deck for children to climb to. The raised play deck is partially enclosed around the outside making a safe playhouse environment  that children can still see out of. The play deck is covered by a waterproof tarpaulin roof with pretty sunburst detailing which offers protection from rain and harsh sunlight so kids can play in the playhouse whatever the weather. There is even a chalk board inside the playhouse which will keep children amused for hours and give them opportunity to develop their creative skills. Other fun playset accessories including binoculars and pirate steering wheels are available from Selwood and other climbing frame manufacturers including PlayCrazy, Dunster House, Plum Products and more.

Little ones can reach the playhouse by climbing the wooden rock wall ladder at the back of the playset which gives children the challenge of using just the hand and foot grips to climb to the top but also provides an easier climb for younger children as it can be used like a step ladder too. The wavy slide at the front of the climbing frame is a very popular accessory that kids will love. The slide provides fun and exciting way down from the playhouse that children won’t be able to get enough of! The Balmoral Fort slide is specially designed to include high side rails to keep little ones safe from tumbles on their way down.

Underneath the play deck is the ideal space for a sandpit or just an open play area. By adding a ground sheet and sand you can create a fun sandpit area which is the perfect activity for younger children to enjoy.



The Balmoral Fort play frame will ensure that your little ones don’t miss out even if you only have a small amount of garden space. This beautiful playset will provide hours on end of fun and is a fantastic way to prevent boredom!

Manufactured from attractive cedar wood which is treated to make it rot resistant, the Balmoral Fort climbing frame will stay alive for years and is a delight to watch your children play on so get yours today!

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