The Selwood Westvale Climbing Frame

Tuesday, 27 October 2015 by
Climbing Frame Installation

Installing the Westvale Climbing Frame from Selwood Products   Our team of certified climbing frame installers provide a professional and affordable play frame installation service. Our team of experienced playsetbuilders will ensure your climbing frame is safely and securely assembled so children can play safely. At Climbing Frame Installer we offer a safe and fast

The Selwood Westvale Climbing Frame

Wednesday, 10 June 2015 by
Climbing Frame Install

Installing the Westvale Climbing Frame from Selwood Products     The Westvale play frame from Selwood is designed with possible long thin gardens in mind, or medium to large sized gardens as it features a range of fun accessories. The Westvale is similar to the Meadowvale, the Windale, the Stonefield Cottage climbing frame, also from

Selwood Products Westvale Climbing Frame

Thursday, 20 February 2014 by

Installing a Westvale Climbing Frame   The Westvale is a beautifully characteristic children’s playset from the Selwood Products’ range. This stunning play frame is packed with lots of exciting activities that kids will love, including a rockwall, rope ladder, swings and a slide.   The Westvale climbing frame is suitable for any medium or large

The Selwood Westvale Climbing Frame is a very attractive playset with a great range of popular climbing frame accessories. The Impressive sunburst detail in the roof makes it a delight to view your children playing on the colourful Westvale play frame. The 150cm high playhouse deck is accessed by either the slatted rockwall with child-friendly