Climbing Frames are not the only thing we can do and the natural progression from these types of garden games. Your children will grow up and with that the toys and garden equipment will grow as well. Climbing frames are getting “funkier” than previous years with wavy rock   walls and windows rather than the normal and regular 4posts

  The Selwood Skyfort Climbing Frame Playset offers a multitude of ways to play, this large frame includes a slide measuring 3 m in length (10 ft), monkey bars, 2 belt swings, a 2-child glider, a main tower (deck height of 1.5 m, 5 ft) covered by a fully wooden roof, a sundeck area, a

We were called by a nice lady near Oxford in Oxfordshire, Aylesbury with 2 children who wanted a nice strong cedar playset and chose the Selwood Atlantis. She had been reading about the quality of wood an extras that each wooden playset has. She was trying to choose at first between a Plum Products climbing

The Selwood Skyfort is the only boxed set in the market with a platform above the swingset, We are currently installing this quickly and safely. Climbing Frame Installers for several years and insured specifically for climbing frame installation means the only installers you need to call is us. This set has access onto the platform

Action Arundel Wooden Climbing Frame

Friday, 18 November 2011 by

The Action Arundel climbing frame offers many features that appeals to young children as well as older kids. With a cargo net, long slide and ladder rungs it allows for plenty of play accessories in a tight tidy playset. The wood is endorsed from the forest certification scheme (PEFC) the timber is planned smooth and

The Selwood Summerville playset is a very nice kit. Its one of the longer build in the ready boxed section that Selwood import and sell through retailers. This set is the standard Summerville, they do sell a deluxe package which comes with a cabin underneath to make it look very much like the 2011 Costco

  The Parkside play set is a nice small playset aimed at the starter garden. This is one of the smaller playsets but still made from the high quality cedar wood. The climbing frames spec’s: Age Range 3-10 Combination Rockwall/Ladder Sandbox area UV Resitant Tarp 2.20 m Wave Slide 2 x Belt Swings

Selwood Ridgeview Wooden Climbing Frame

Wednesday, 24 August 2011 by

The installation picture is of the Selwood Ridgeview. This climbing frame supports monkey bars, belt swings and glider and combination rockwall and ladder along with more pieces and fun areas for your children. The wooden roof and cabin underneath makes it a fairly sturdy play set that comes flat packed in nice boxs making it

Selwood Balmoral Climbing Frame

Tuesday, 24 May 2011 by

The Selwood Admiral Climbing Frame The Admiral fort is produced with a wooden roof from cedar wood. The deck is enclosed and has wooden slats and vinyl chalk board at the back. Children love the easy features and access onto the 4ft deck and straight down the moulded slide. The main units play deck has

There’s a whole selection of climbing frames that come with various different styles and types of slides. Being one of the main differentiators between different sets, the slide can be a key feature when choosing which set to buy. Some of the types of slides available include the solid straight pre-formed slide, pre-formed wave slide,