Climbing Frame Accessories

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How long have you spent looking for a climbing frame, where have you got it and what The binoculars can be found from most of the retailers, some of the playsets actually include them to try and make you decide that the whole playset is better value. The binoculars do not actually zoom. They are

Costco Climbing Frame Installation Advice The Costco climbing frame is one that can have a tighter area around the outside of the climbing frame. due to the way the playset is laid out means you don’t have such a risk of a long slide and crash zone. The playset is one of the safer ones

Broken Parts On Your Climbing Frame

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Problems will happen, it could be the actual playset, the way it has been manufactured, a change In regulations or the way it has been delivered.   We do not advise you leave your playset in a dip where it will be sat in water. Do not lean the playset against the wall or trying

The Action Ramparts The Ramparts kids climbing frame and activity centre has been designed with all of the family in mind. From toddlers up, everyone will find something fun and energetic to do in the garden with this feature-packed play center. The Ramparts climbing frame is the most extensive and inclusive design to date in the

Climbing Frames are not the only thing we can do and the natural progression from these types of garden games. Your children will grow up and with that the toys and garden equipment will grow as well. Climbing frames are getting “funkier” than previous years with wavy rock   walls and windows rather than the normal and regular 4posts

  Plum® Wooden Baby Swing Set   The Plum Products Wooden Baby Swing Seat is the perfect way to introduce your child into outdoor garden play. The soft rope is ideal for younger children and the high back swing moulded swing seat. The timber is FSC certified and makes a very stable unit for any size

TP Climbing Frames arrive normally in boxes like the picture. Other manufactures like Plum Products, Dunster House and Action Climbing frames tend to supply the playset in strapped or bound wood. and then with a box for the actual bolts, swings, gliders and other extras. If your looking for a neat delivery then TP and Selwood

Plum Products is a UK based company selling playhouses, trampolines and climbing frames along with metal swingsets. This list represents just some of these products so that you get an idea of the range. To see the pictures of the playsets and climbing frames take a look at our gallery or call us and we

Climbing frame accessories come in all shapes and sizes. This telephone is a fun new toy to activate your climbing frame into your child’s own office in your garden. This is a fun and exciting way to make your playset new again and keep your children entertained with a climbing frame they might not be

The Selwood childrens sand playpit is often supplied with playset from the online retailer Climbing Frames UK but can be purchased seperatly. The sandpit is a stand along unit and very easy to assemble, with around 32 1.1/2 inch screws. A single green lining to the bottom of the sandpit is made to measure so