The Maine Climbing Frame, Selwood Products The Maine climbing frame is new to Selwood Product’s range of playsets. This activity filled play frame features a main play fort with accessories and a swing set. Climbing frames are an excellent way to keep children fit and healthy whilst also providing a lot of fun and enjoyment

The Mount Forest Lodge Climbing Frame, Selwood Products The Mount Forest Lodge climbing frame is one of the larger, more elaborate children’s playsets from Selwood Products. This play frame is constructed using premium cedar wood which is specifically engineered to provide strength and stability to the climbing frame. The cedar wood is coated with an

  Here you will see the Selwood Lacey Climbing frame. The modern garden does not always allow much space in the garden however this playset, the Lacey from Selwood Products allows even the tightest spaces to have a slide and tower along with chalk board and other items and even with a counter around the

Climbing Frames are not the only thing we can do and the natural progression from these types of garden games. Your children will grow up and with that the toys and garden equipment will grow as well. Climbing frames are getting “funkier” than previous years with wavy rock   walls and windows rather than the normal and regular 4posts

We are a small team of professional and certified climbing frame installers. We operate within England and Wales. The TP Summer Cottage climbing frame playhouse and slide is a very nice little set. The wood is nicely planed to avoid splinters. The Summer Cottage TP climbing frame has a playhouse tightened to the top of the platform

Plum Products is a UK based company selling playhouses, trampolines and climbing frames along with metal swingsets. This list represents just some of these products so that you get an idea of the range. To see the pictures of the playsets and climbing frames take a look at our gallery or call us and we

The climbing frame market now has so many options for the average family in England if you want one and you have a reasonible buget you can find discounted playset or something in a sale to fit your garden space. The average modern garden now is getting smaller and the houses are being extended into

We were called by a nice lady near Oxford in Oxfordshire, Aylesbury with 2 children who wanted a nice strong cedar playset and chose the Selwood Atlantis. She had been reading about the quality of wood an extras that each wooden playset has. She was trying to choose at first between a Plum Products climbing

Wooden Climbing Frame Accessories

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Coming up to Christmas and you’re looking for ideas for your children, do you get them something new, something for the garden something to add to upgrade your existing play set? Binoculars could be a fun gift for your child that will encourage them to play outside in summer. They are very easy to fit

The Selwood Skyfort is the only boxed set in the market with a platform above the swingset, We are currently installing this quickly and safely. Climbing Frame Installers for several years and insured specifically for climbing frame installation means the only installers you need to call is us. This set has access onto the platform