The Selwood Atlantic Climbing Frame

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Climbing Frame Installer

Installation for a Selwood Atlantic Children’s Climbing Frame   The Selwood Atlantic playset is a fun jam packed play frame, brilliant for lots of outdoor games and fun. The Atlantic features a wide range of popular climbing frame accessories including a spacious playhouse, play tower, step ladder, rockwall, slide and swing set. Although climbing frames

Climbing Frame Installer

Installation for the Dunster House MonkeyFort Woodland Climbing Frame   The MonkeyFort Woodland playset from Dunster House has a compact design making it suitable for small/medium sized gardens. The MonkeyFortWoodland climbing frame features a number of fun accessories to keep kids from getting bored and makes a fantastic addition to any garden. The MonkeyFort Woodland

Climbing Frame Installer

Installing the Cedar Summit Clarington Resort Playset   If you are looking for professional and reliable climbing frame builders to install your playset then look no further. Our experienced team of climbing frame installers can quickly and safely erect your garden playcentre for you to keep installation as stress free as possible for you. Our

The Selwood Warwick Climbing Frame

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The Warwick Climbing Frame, Selwood Products   The Warwick play frame from Selwood is an attractive children’s playset which includes popular accessories and features for hours of amusement and fun. The Warwick climbing frame is designed with small to medium sized gardens in mind as it includes a wooden play fort plus a swing set.

Is Your Garden Level?

Wednesday, 18 December 2013 by

How to check if your garden is flat and which climbing frame will suit it best…   Climbing frames make a fabulous addition to any garden and are the ultimate outdoor toy for kids to enjoy! Play frames are not only great at keeping boredom at bay and amusing the kid for hours, they are

Accessories for Play Frames – Telescopes   Climbing Frames are a brilliant way to not only keep kids active and healthy but they also build great coordination skills, strength and confidence. Children’s playsets present little ones with challenges that they work towards and can achieve like climbing a rock wall or cargo net and so

Climbing frame accessories really can be the icing on the cake for children’s climbing frames. A wide range of play accessories and toys are available including a number of different steering wheel designs, telescopes, periscopes, binoculars, cafe stools and more! Playset accessories can add character to any play frame, new or old and are a

Selwood Clair-Monte Climbing Frame Installation   The Clair-Monte Climbing Frame from Selwood’s range is an attractive, action packed children’s climbing frame that will keep kids amused for hours! This beautifully designed playset is suitable for any medium to large size gardens and it will ooze character. The Clair-Monte is a delight to watch your children

Selwood Meadowvale Climbing Frame Install   The Meadowvale climbing frame from Selwood Products is a relatively compact play frame which would suit any size garden space but it is still full of play value and fun activities. The Meadowvale is a stunning looking children’s play frame which will bring character and enjoyment to your family

PlayCrazy Double Tower Climbing Frame

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PlayCrazy Double Tower Climbing Frame Install The Double Tower Wooden Climbing Frame from PlayCrazy shown here features two sturdy roofed wooden play towers joined together with a wooden rope bridge. These beautifully made children’s climbing frames from PlayCrazy are of modular design which means there are a large number of options for you to choose