The Selwood Myers Climbing Frame

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Climbing Frame Installer

Installing the Myers Climbing Frame from Selwood Products   Children’s climbing frames from Selwood are prepared with self-assembly in mind so come with an instruction pack and so on, however you may still wish to have your playset professionally installed. Selwood play frames can be time consuming to assemble, especially if you have not built

The Triple Tower Simba Climbing Frame from Play Crazy   The Simba climbing frame from Play Crazy is a fully loaded triple tower play frame packed with fun activities that kids will love. The Simba playset features three sturdy wooden play towers all with their own strong and spacious play deck for children to climb

The Selwood Warwick Climbing Frame

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The Warwick Climbing Frame, Selwood Products   The Warwick play frame from Selwood is an attractive children’s playset which includes popular accessories and features for hours of amusement and fun. The Warwick climbing frame is designed with small to medium sized gardens in mind as it includes a wooden play fort plus a swing set.

The Selwood Bradley Climbing Frame

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The Bradley Climbing Frame from Selwood Products   The Bradley is an action packed children’s play frame from Selwood Products which is designed with medium to large sized gardens in mind. The Bradley climbing frame includes a number of popular playset accessories such as a wooden play fort, play deck, playhouse, slide, rockwall ladder, picnic

Comparing the Osborn and the Whitby Climbing Frame from Selwood Products   The fun packed Whitby climbing frame is new to the Selwood range for 2014. This playset is very similar to the Woodchester, the Oriana Prestige and the Burghley climbing frames from Selwood. The Whitby climbing frame includes a sturdy wooden play tower including

Selwood Products’ Felbrigg and Burghley Climbing Frames Compared   Selwood Products offer a huge range of beautiful children’s climbing frames, all manufactured from uniquely stained cedar wood. The wooden play frames are treated with an eye catching red stain to keep the wood from rotting and it also gives Selwood climbing frames their own unique

Selwood Products Woodchester Climbing Frame Vs. The Oriana Prestige Climbing Frame   The compact designs of both the Woodchester climbing frame and the Oriana Prestige climbing frame from Selwood Products means that they are ideal playsets for those who are not lucky enough to have a massive garden space. The Woodchester and the Oriana Prestige

The Meadowside Climbing Frame – New for 2014   The Meadowside is an extremely popular climbing frame, new to the Selwood Products 2014 range. The Meadowside playset is a newly updated version of the Meadowvale climbing frame from the 2013 range, with a couple of exciting changes that kids will love! The tiny price difference

Selwood Products Westvale Climbing Frame

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Installing a Westvale Climbing Frame   The Westvale is a beautifully characteristic children’s playset from the Selwood Products’ range. This stunning play frame is packed with lots of exciting activities that kids will love, including a rockwall, rope ladder, swings and a slide.   The Westvale climbing frame is suitable for any medium or large

Installing a Selwood Skyfort Climbing Frame    The Skyfort is an impressive looking children’s climbing frame from Selwood Product’s playset range. This spectacular climbing frame is one of Selwood’s most action packed frames and is designed with larger gardens in mind. If you are not lucky enough to have a garden that is spacious enough