Climbing Frame Crow’s Nest Swing

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Crow’s Nest Swings for Children’s Climbing Frames      The crow’s nest or basket swing as it is commonly named is becoming a popular swing seat choice for children’s swing sets and climbing frames with swings. A crow’s nest swing has a round frame with a strong spider web like seat in the centre. The seat

Selwood Climbing Frames with Swings

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Climbing Frame Installer

Wooden Climbing Frames with Swing Sets from Selwood        Swings are a huge part of children’s climbing frames and are a very popular feature also. Swings are a great way of keeping children amused for hours and there are a lot of different swing seats available to provide variation to your climbing frame. Some

Climbing Frame Installer

Installing the MaxiFort Frontier Climbing Frame from Dunster House     Climbing frames from Dunster House are designed to stand on top of a level area of grass or a safety surface and therefore require a flat area of garden to be safely installed in. Wooden climbing frames from Dunster House are engineered from dark

Children’s Outdoor Climbing Frame Installation     Our professional team of certified climbing frame builders at Climbing Frame Installer are experienced in constructing children’s climbing frames from most well-known manufacturers including Selwood Products, Play Crazy, Plum Products, Wickey, NI Climbing Frames, Costco, Action, Dunster House, Jungle Gym and more. Our climbing frame installers will ensure your

Styles of Swing Seat for Climbing Frames   Children’s climbing frames from PlayCrazy, Action and NI Climbing Frames are of modular design, meaning you can choose what to include in your climbing frame, making it unique to you and your children. Action provide a range of different climbing frame sets and modules that can be

Selwood Stonefield Lodge Climbing Frame Installation   The Stonefield lodge is an impressive children’s climbing frame from Selwood’s 2013 range. This fabulous fun packed play frame is a must have for Christmas and will see your children’s faces light up on Christmas morning! Garden playsets make brilliant Christmas presents for kids and are a great

Selwood Products Myers Climbing Frame

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Selwood Myers Climbing Frame Install   The Myers climbing frame from Selwood Products is one of the most action packed climbing frames in the Selwood range. The Myers climbing frame is beautifully designed and would look great in any garden! The brilliant space saving monkey bar/swing combo means that more activities are jam packed into

Selwood Products Skyfort Climbing Frame

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Selwood Products Skyfort Climbing Frame Installation The Skyfort is one of the largest and most luxurious climbing frames in the range of children’s playsets from Selwood Products. The Skyfort is most suited to medium or large size gardens but is similar to other climbing frames from Selwood that are better for smaller gardens such as

Selwood Audley Deluxe Climbing Frame Installation    This luxury children’s playset from Selwood Product’s range of beautifully designed climbing frames is what every child’s dreams are made of! The Audley Deluxe climbing frame is best suited to medium or large size gardens as it is crammed full of fun activities. The Audley Deluxe play frame

PlayCrazy Double Tower Climbing Frame Installation PlayCrazy offer stunning and unique modular children’s climbing frames with a wide range of features and options to choose from. PlayCrazy and other climbing frame manufacturers including NI Climbing Frames offer modular play equipment which provides you with choices so you can design a play frame which will best