Play Crazy, A Custom Climbing Frame Company within England Exporting climbing frames around Europe Play Crazy Climbing Frames will custom build climbing frame towers or a full. Here we have the adapted towers, to make a single tower swing unit into a double tower with raised fully enclosed playhouse. The whole project is dug into

The Selwood Stowe Climbing Frame

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The Selwood Stowe Climbing Frame   The Stowe climbing frame from Selwood Products is designed with medium to large sized gardens in mind for children up to ten years of age. The Stowe playset is packed with fun activities to keep kids active and amused, including a wooden play fort, rockwall, ladder, a slide, swing

The Selwood Ramsey Climbing Frame Assembly of the Ramsey Climbing Frame from Selwood Products   At Climbing Frame Installer we offer a professional children’s climbing frame installation service at an affordable price. Our team of expert playset builders have years of experience in constructing kid’s play frames quickly and safely. Our team of installers will

The Westbury Climbing Frame, Selwood Products The Westbury climbing frame features many fun accessories that kids will love in a compact and pretty frame. Our experienced team of climbing frame installers can professionally construct children’s playsets, like the Westbury from Selwood, quickly and safely. The Westbury climbing frame is ideal for those with small gardens

The Mount Forest Lodge Climbing Frame, Selwood Products The Mount Forest Lodge climbing frame is one of the larger, more elaborate children’s playsets from Selwood Products. This play frame is constructed using premium cedar wood which is specifically engineered to provide strength and stability to the climbing frame. The cedar wood is coated with an

Climbing Frame Installer This for better terms is what we do, you have seen flat pack Ikea Cupboards and kitchen draws that need building. Now imagine that in your garden in multiple boxes, limited screws and bolts and instructions written by someone in an office. Yes the instructions are their to help but very rarely

Selwood Duchess Climbing Frame Review The Selwood Duchess wooden climbing frame most commonly seen through the linked company to Selwood, Climbing Frames UK has a single tower, double slide frame unit. This is part of the starting frames for small children the Olympia play centers. Its ideal for the small garden with small young children.

Broken Parts On Your Climbing Frame

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Problems will happen, it could be the actual playset, the way it has been manufactured, a change In regulations or the way it has been delivered.   We do not advise you leave your playset in a dip where it will be sat in water. Do not lean the playset against the wall or trying

The Selwood Atlantic climbing frame is one of the 2010 range. This means all the parts and problems sometimes found with new ranges have been resolved and parts are not usually missing. The playset is adaptable into a long thin playset with the slide coming from the side or like in the picture more of an ‘L’

Climbing Frame Installers do not just build wooden climbing frames or Metal Playsets but also get involved with decent sized project like the playhouse we installed for Make a Wish Charity in England. The installation was carried out by two of our installers and took just a few hours. Using professional installers like ourselves means