The Selwood Skyfort Climbing Frame

Tuesday, 19 January 2016 by
Climbing Frame Installer

Installation for a Selwood Skyfort Climbing Frame Selwood Products offer a wide range of children’s outdoor playsets which cater for different sized gardens. The Skyfort is one of the larger climbing frames from Selwood, designed with more spacious gardens in mind. It features a number of fun accessories to keep children amused for hours and

Play Crazy Double Tower Climbing Frame

Friday, 06 November 2015 by
Climbing Frame Installers

Play Crazy Double Tower Play Frame Installation   A double tower climbing frame from Play Crazy is a jam-packed playset with plenty of play space and fun activities to keep kids amused. The Double Tower is a relatively space-filling play frame designed with medium to large sized gardens in mind. Play Crazy also offer a wide

Installing the Kinlet Climbing Frame from Selwood   The Kinlet play frame features a wooden play fort packed with popular climbing frame accessories to keep kids amused. The Kinlet climbing frame from Selwood is similar in design to the Sherborn playset, also from Selwood. The main difference is that the Kinlet does not include monkey

Selwood Products Woodchester Climbing Frame Vs. The Oriana Prestige Climbing Frame   The compact designs of both the Woodchester climbing frame and the Oriana Prestige climbing frame from Selwood Products means that they are ideal playsets for those who are not lucky enough to have a massive garden space. The Woodchester and the Oriana Prestige

Selwood Kingstone Climbing Frame Install   Climbing frames are a brilliant way to keep children active and can keep them entertained for hours! A climbing frame is a fantastic investment as it will provide years of enjoyment for your family and can help little ones to build coordination skills and strength from an early age.

The Selwood Audley Deluxe Climbing Frame

Wednesday, 15 January 2014 by

Installing an Audley Deluxe Climbing Frame from Selwood Products   The Audley Deluxe is a spectacular looking children’s playset from Selwood Products’ range of climbing frames. This action packed play frame looks great in any medium to large size garden and will keep the kids amused for hours.   The Audley Deluxe is a spacious

Installing a Selwood Skyfort Climbing Frame    The Skyfort is an impressive looking children’s climbing frame from Selwood Product’s playset range. This spectacular climbing frame is one of Selwood’s most action packed frames and is designed with larger gardens in mind. If you are not lucky enough to have a garden that is spacious enough

Selwood Products Osborn Climbing Frame

Wednesday, 18 December 2013 by

Installation of a Selwood Osborn Climbing Frame   Part of the Selwood Products Olympia Series, the Osborn climbing frame provides safe, fun play for all the family. The Osborn is a brilliantly designed play frame which is ideal for those who have smaller gardens but want to fit everything in still. The Osborn is a

Do Enclosed Play Houses Make Children’s Climbing Frames More Exciting?   Kids climbing frames make fabulous Christmas presents and the look on your children’s faces on Christmas morning when your climbing frame is constructed in the garden is priceless! A climbing frame can provide years of enjoyment for your little ones, unlike most other toys

Selwood Osborn Climbing Frame Installation   Climbing Frames from Selwood Product’s range are engineered from beautiful cedar wood which adds strength and stability to their wooden playsets.  The premium cedar wood is treated to make it soft and splinter free so is perfect for your children to climb on. The Osborn is one of the