Broken Parts On Your Climbing Frame

Thursday, 04 October 2012 by

Problems will happen, it could be the actual playset, the way it has been manufactured, a change In regulations or the way it has been delivered.   We do not advise you leave your playset in a dip where it will be sat in water. Do not lean the playset against the wall or trying

The Selwood Atlantic climbing frame is one of the 2010 range. This means all the parts and problems sometimes found with new ranges have been resolved and parts are not usually missing. The playset is adaptable into a long thin playset with the slide coming from the side or like in the picture more of an ‘L’

Climbing Frame Installers do not just build wooden climbing frames or Metal Playsets but also get involved with decent sized project like the playhouse we installed for Make a Wish Charity in England. The installation was carried out by two of our installers and took just a few hours. Using professional installers like ourselves means

Its not often when you buy online that you see the set, The Cedar Summit Mountain View Resort Climbing Frame however can be viewed and seen at Costco branches throughout the country. The Climbing Frame Installation is a one day build for our installers. We will only require a mains hook up to charge the

Climbing Frames are not the only thing we can do and the natural progression from these types of garden games. Your children will grow up and with that the toys and garden equipment will grow as well. Climbing frames are getting “funkier” than previous years with wavy rock   walls and windows rather than the normal and regular 4posts

Whilst building several hundred play sets a year we do come across several problems. Normally its the, is the ground flat and ready to build on is the first hi-cup however on occasion this does happen. When something like this happens we try to make “good”. Meaning we will do what we can to leave you in

The Selwood Highlander is one of the tallest domestic climbing frames in the market. The Cedar wooden climbing frame has a red stain colour on it as standard. The three level climbing frame has the optional extra of monkey bars. This set really is a good buy making it universal and a very decent size

After spending what might feel like a life time searching for the right playset for  your children that will not only fit the garden but your budget you might want to consider the surface your climbing frame will be installed on. We can do playset installations and play pits for you and have done around

  The Selwood Skyfort Climbing Frame Playset offers a multitude of ways to play, this large frame includes a slide measuring 3 m in length (10 ft), monkey bars, 2 belt swings, a 2-child glider, a main tower (deck height of 1.5 m, 5 ft) covered by a fully wooden roof, a sundeck area, a

The Costco Ceder Summit Cedar Climbing Frame is an amazing product. You will have to pick the playset up from Costco however the time it will take to collect the playset will be time well spent, the savings and quality of wood. The set has changed from last year, it has moved its cabin slightly,