Play Crazy Climbing Frames

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Play Crazy climbing frames are big, strong and long lasting. The wood comes with 10yrs warranty. They are large compared to the other manufacturers in the market like Selwood and Action. Play Crazy has purposely oversized the wood making many of the playsets strong enough for commercial use. Nurseries, pre schools, private schools or pubs

Play Crazy Climbing Frames and Outdoor Play Equipment, New Products   Most popular manufacturers of children’s play equipment and climbing frames regularly renew their products and introduce a new selection of play frames and accessories to choose from. Play Crazy design and supply wooden playsets and their recently released climbing frames include the ‘Hulk Triple

Commercial and Residential Climbing Frames from ‘Home Front’ Outdoor Play   Climbing frame manufacturer ‘Home Front’ offer a wide range of wooden play equipment for commercial premises as well as domestic use. Playground systems from Home Front are based on modular designs which enables them to provide customised playsets to suit specific requirements for commercial

Selwood Products Skyfort vs. PlayCrazy Double Tower Climbing Frame   There are many different designs, styles, shapes and sizes of climbing frames and playsets on the market and it can be very difficult choosing a climbing frame that is going to suit your family best. There are a number of children’s climbing frame manufacturer’s and

Is Your Garden Level?

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How to check if your garden is flat and which climbing frame will suit it best…   Climbing frames make a fabulous addition to any garden and are the ultimate outdoor toy for kids to enjoy! Play frames are not only great at keeping boredom at bay and amusing the kid for hours, they are

New Climbing Frames to Selwood Products

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The New Climbing Frame Range from Selwood Products   Selwood have introduced some brand new playsets to their range of children’s play equipment, just in time for Christmas and the new year! Climbing frames are a fantastic way to keep children active and healthy all year round, and they make the perfect Christmas presents too.

Climbing frame accessories really can be the icing on the cake for children’s climbing frames. A wide range of play accessories and toys are available including a number of different steering wheel designs, telescopes, periscopes, binoculars, cafe stools and more! Playset accessories can add character to any play frame, new or old and are a

Wet Pour Rubber Safety Surfacing for Climbing Frames Wet pour rubber provides the perfect safety surface for children’s playsets and climbing frames because of its high impact absorption and spongy quality. This safe impact absorbing surface creates a seamless safety mat around children’s outdoor play areas and climbing frames. The continuous safety surface created by

Selwood Products Andorra Climbing Frame The Andorra climbing frame is designed for families with smaller gardens and young children. The design of the outdoor equipment is ideal for all weather conditions. The roof is cleverly covered with waterproof tarpaulin enabling children to even stay outside when it’s raining. The wooden climbing frame is made from

NI Climbing Frames

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NI (Northern Ireland) Climbing Frames NI Climbing Frames is the largest manufactour and installer of there own climbing frames and play equipment in Northern Ireland. Starting around 2006 they have built up a trusted and respected reputation for great value climbing frames that are strong and reliable so you can buy them in the knowledge