The Palace Playhouse 2 Swing Jungle Gym Climbing Frame Installation   The Palace Playhouse climbing frame from Jungle Gym is an action packed wooden playset designed with medium to large sized gardens in mind as it includes a two position swings set plus a spacious wooden play fort and a slide. Jungle Gym play frames

The ‘Cottage Train’ Climbing Frame from Jungle Gym Backyard Playgrounds   The Cottage Train playset is similar to the Cubby Train and the Mansion Train play frames, also from Jungle Gym. Jungle Gym’s beautifully designed playsets are filled with exciting activities and even small accessories which give their climbing frames so much character. The safety

The Jungle Gym ‘Cottage Boat’ Climbing Frame   The Cottage Boat climbing frame from Jungle Gym is an interesting and stunning looking playset that will keep kids amused for hours on end. The Cottage Boat play frame is uniquely designed and will look fantastic in any garden. The Cottage boat is a relatively compact playset

The ‘Cubby Train’ Climbing Frame from Jungle Gym Backyard Playgrounds   The Cubby Train playset from Jungle Gym is a fully loaded climbing frame packed with popular accessories that kids will love. The Cubby Train features everything from a wooden play fort with two play decks, a tunnel, a climbing wall, bench seating, a sandbox,

The Selwood Warwick Climbing Frame

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The Warwick Climbing Frame, Selwood Products   The Warwick play frame from Selwood is an attractive children’s playset which includes popular accessories and features for hours of amusement and fun. The Warwick climbing frame is designed with small to medium sized gardens in mind as it includes a wooden play fort plus a swing set.

Children’s Climbing Frames New to Selwood’s Collection   Like all popular manufacturers of children’s climbing frames, Selwood Products regularly renew their collection and bring out new designs. Newly released climbing frames often include a new accessory or different combinations of activities etc. Selwood have recently released a number of new play frames for 2015, including

The Selwood Hartwell Climbing Frame New for 2015, the Hartwell climbing frame from Selwood is a stunning action packed playset that kids will love. The Hartwell includes many popular climbing frame accessories including a playhouse, monkey bars, slide, rockwall ladder and a picnic bench area for kids to relax on. The Hartwell playset is similar

The Selwood Products Windale Climbing Frame   Installing a Windale Climbing Frame from Selwood With Spring fast approaching, climbing frames are a fantastic outdoor toy to keep children healthy and active. Our professional climbing frame installers recently built the Windale playset from Selwood Products, which is an attractive play frame jam packed with activities to

Safety Surfacing and Flooring Types for Climbing Frames   It is a requirement that all climbing frames and playground equipment for commercial use are installed with an adequate safety surface or floor. It is important that the correct safety flooring is used with individual climbing frames and kids play equipment. The thickness of the safety

Skyfort Climbing Frame, Selwood Installation   The Skyfort is a truly breathtaking children’s climbing frame from Selwood’s 2013 range. This stunning playset really does have to be seen to be believed and is by far the most impressive of Selwood’s range. This fabulous fun packed play frame is a must have for Christmas and will