Climbing Frame Installer:

Custom & Bespoke Climbing Frame, Treehouse and Playhouse Team

We have been working with so many of the top manufacturers for many years and have found even though customers have such a wide choice of playsets on the market, you can almost buy what you like sometimes the level of your ground sometimes stops people buying frames from the Selwood range which need to mostly be built onto a level surface and if it isn’t will be as unlevel as your ground, Action have many nice accessories you can add to frames, however have had customers asking for larger decks and platforms and sometimes get confused with the packs being sold having gaps in the walls and rough wood and manufacturers so we select the best bits from the best manufactures, visit you and can offer a full solution to installation and purchase, from simple drawings to childrens dreams.

Play Set Erection Team

How we aim to give you the customer the best deal is to utilize some of the best designs from all of the manufacturers and to the first part help you adapt the frames to meet your needs by moving the towers and accessories around on the frames, the next part is to then change the set into a custom build specifically for you, we can purchase parts from different manufacturers and add them together giving you a quick custom build that no one else will have.

The next stage of our services would be to actually manufacturer a complete bespoke made to measure climbing frame directly to you, a one stop place to have what you want built just for your garden, around tress, in trees, or just a multi towers / level play park system to impress your whole neighborhood.