Climbing Frame Installer will always quote a job rate for you play equipment install. This is because we believe you shold know exactly where you stand with costs, and not have unexpected surcharges.

Our Quotes Include Everything

Our quotes are know as ‘job rates’. This is becasue they are fully inclusive charges which cover:

  • Building the Climbing Frame
  • Travelling to/from your premises
  • All tools that are required to safely build
  • Fully insured Installers
  • This is why we are recommended by retailers, manufacturers and of course our past customers. We provide an exceptional service, that provides you with confidence and value for money.

    Why we don’t offer hourly rates

    Sometimes people ask for hourly rates from us to compare our prices to a local handy man or builder. We do not offer hourly rates because we know what our costs are for the build and factor this in when we quote. On occasion there may be complications with the build, which we absorb in our price, however, if you’re on an hourly rate then you would be the one to loose out.

    We believe paying by the hour is very risky, especially if you chose you use inexperienced people as costs can spiral if they don’t finish quickly, and there’s no emphasis on them to finish quickly if they earn more the longer they take, as the image on the right illustrates very well.

    Contact Us for a FREE Quote

    We always happy to hear from potential customers, so why not contact us and we’ll discuss the product you’ve purchased, or are thinking of poruchasing and we’ll provide you with a free and no-obligation quotation.