The Bayfield Retreat Climbing Frame   Our professional climbing frame builders recently installed the Bayfield Retreat climbing frame from Selwood Products. This beautiful jam packed playset can be built on grass, or any woodchip based or rubbing flooring, in any medium to large sized garden. The Bayfield Retreat may not be suitable to be installed

Which Climbing Frame Slide ?

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Choice of Climbing Frame Slides, Pos and Cons   While looking for your perfect climbing frame you have many things to contend with, is the ground level. How much do you want to spend and then thinking what type of climbing frame fits the specification you need, if your struggling to chose the climbing frame

NI Climbing Frames Double Tower Review

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The Ni Climbing Frames is a fairly new company into the sector. Northern Ireland Climbing Frames has a nice unique range of playsets. Manufactured by a small team in Norther Ireland the owner Herman is a lovely guy selling through his website, referrals from happy customers and eBay. We are the preferred climbing frame installers for NI Climbing Frames currently in England and always

Rubber Mulch Resin Safety Flooring

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If you want the ultimate in safety flooring then contact us now. We are professional climbing frame installers that can now offer you the concerned parent or guardian or even school and community project rubber and other safety floor surfaces.   Before Rubber   The after affect is an amazing solid platform that your children

Climbing Frame UK Top Ten Playsets 2012

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Climbing Frame UK Rate Their Climbing Frames On a recent blog posting from Climbing Frames UK they have rated and selected what they think are the ten climbing frames. It is a surprise we think that the top sets are all the smaller sets but this is showing and could be the average garden in

The Selwood Highlander is one of the tallest domestic climbing frames in the market. The Cedar wooden climbing frame has a red stain colour on it as standard. The three level climbing frame has the optional extra of monkey bars. This set really is a good buy making it universal and a very decent size

  Plum® Wooden Baby Swing Set   The Plum Products Wooden Baby Swing Seat is the perfect way to introduce your child into outdoor garden play. The soft rope is ideal for younger children and the high back swing moulded swing seat. The timber is FSC certified and makes a very stable unit for any size

After spending what might feel like a life time searching for the right playset for  your children that will not only fit the garden but your budget you might want to consider the surface your climbing frame will be installed on. We can do playset installations and play pits for you and have done around

  The Selwood Skyfort Climbing Frame Playset offers a multitude of ways to play, this large frame includes a slide measuring 3 m in length (10 ft), monkey bars, 2 belt swings, a 2-child glider, a main tower (deck height of 1.5 m, 5 ft) covered by a fully wooden roof, a sundeck area, a

The Costco Ceder Summit Cedar Climbing Frame is an amazing product. You will have to pick the playset up from Costco however the time it will take to collect the playset will be time well spent, the savings and quality of wood. The set has changed from last year, it has moved its cabin slightly,