Climbing Frame Installer This for better terms is what we do, you have seen flat pack Ikea Cupboards and kitchen draws that need building. Now imagine that in your garden in multiple boxes, limited screws and bolts and instructions written by someone in an office. Yes the instructions are their to help but very rarely

Dunster House supply very good quality strong heavy duty wood for the climbing frames, this however has limited holes pre drilled and requires you or us as the Climbing Frame Installer/s some work. Selwood products playsets tend to have a lot of the hole required drilled through the wood already. This is a positive and

The Selwood childrens sand playpit is often supplied with playset from the online retailer Climbing Frames UK but can be purchased seperatly. The sandpit is a stand along unit and very easy to assemble, with around 32 1.1/2 inch screws. A single green lining to the bottom of the sandpit is made to measure so

The best advice for the most common brand, Selwood Products: Using a spirit level check the ground boards are level. If the bubble is to the side then check the top level of the play deck is the same. If it is then move the climbing frame to the side and cut grooves where the

Building the Selwood sandpit is a very easy installation. You only need a screw driver, easier if its a power drill but you can still do this with a Phillips screwdriver. The sandpit that Selwood sells is much the same as the Plum products playset other than it being hexagonal. The sandpit comes with a

To avoid any problems with your wood and while you’re waiting for it to be installed make sure the delivery company leave your wood in a save secure place which is as flat as possible with drainage. <——–You do NOT: Leave your play set box on a step, this will bend and bow the wood

There’s a whole selection of climbing frames that come with various different styles and types of slides. Being one of the main differentiators between different sets, the slide can be a key feature when choosing which set to buy. Some of the types of slides available include the solid straight pre-formed slide, pre-formed wave slide,

Hanging Your Baby Seat

Saturday, 30 April 2011 by

Take your baby seat out of the box and packaging it arrives in, visually inspect your box for damage and footprints. Once you have your seat out check for light marks in the plastic childs swing seat where the plastic could have been crushed or had a weight placed on it. Check the straps have

Why has my Brace / Support Broken?

Monday, 17 January 2011 by

What happens if a brace is found to be broken? Once your playset has been built its important to check that its level. If it’s not level then the playset could put a lot of pressure on one point of the playset. This breakage could cause problems making your climbing frame unstable so when your

How should I look after my climbing frame? The climbing frame structure requires maintenance. Many sets do last for several years without being touched. Many play sets come with a thin layer of stain. This is normally there to provide the colour in the wood. If you want to look after your set, for best results