Installing the Monmouth Twin Towers Playset from Action


The Monmouth Twin Towers climbing frame from Action is a fun action packed play frame designed with medium to    Climbing Frame Installer large sized gardens in mind. The Monmouth features two wooden play towers, as the name suggests, plus a bridge, swing set and also a slide.
Climbing frames are a brilliant way for children to get plenty of exercise and they are also great as boredoClimbing Frame Installation m breakers. Your little ones will love having their very own playset in the garden and it can provide hours of fun after school, at weekends, when friends come to play and even during school holidays.
The Monmouth Twin Tower climbing frame from Action is engineered from wooden timbers which are pressure treated to keep them in good condition for as long as possible. The pressure treatment preserves the wood and Action also ensure all edges are smoothed down and holes are pre-drilled.
Although climbing frames from Action are prepared with self-assembly in mind, it can still be a time-consuming job to assemble your play frame. At Climbing Frame Installer we understand that not everybody has the time to build a DIY climbing frame from scratch. We offer a professional but affordable installation service to ensure that your climbing frame is correctly and safely installed in no time. Our experienced team of playset builders can assemble garden play frames from all well-known manufacturers including Selwood Products, Play Crazy, Jungle Gym, Dunster House, NI Climbing Frames, Plum Products, Wickey and Action of course amongst others.
The Monmouth Twin Tower climbing frame from Action features two wooden play forts with play decks for children to climb to, which are joined together by a clatter bridge. The two play decks have ample space for several children to play together at once plus both play towers are sheltered by wooden rooves.
The first play tower features a set of steps and a cargo net for children to climb. The commando net is a challenging climb which will test childrenClimbing Frame Installer‘s strength and coordination. The cargo net is a great way for kids to develop strength and their climbing skills and it is an activity that confident climbers will also love.
The step ladder provides an easier climb in order to boost little ones confidence and ensure everyone can reach the play deck safely. Beneath the play deck of the first tower is room for a sandpit if you wish to install one. The sandbox boards are already in place around the base of the play fort so all that is needed is the sand.
The second play tower features the wavy slide which is a fun way for kids to exit the play tower and can provide hours of fun as it is a very popular climbingMonmouth Twin Tower Action Climbing Frame frame accessory. The second play fort also supports the swing beam which is a fantastic addition to any outdoor playset. Swings are a very popualr activity also and kids can get hours of fun from the two position swing beam.
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For help with the installation of your climbing frame contact the climbing frame installers today. Our certified team of experienced playset builders offer a professional installation service to ensure your climbing frame is assembled in no time. Our climbing frame builders will make sure your playset is safely and correctly installed so call us for a quote now on 07792309588 or email at: [email protected]

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