The Selwood Ridgeview Deluxe Climbing Frame

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The Ridgeview Deluxe Climbing Frame from Selwood Products



Ridgeview deluxe climbing frame selwood productsClimbing frames from Selwood are engineered from attractive cedar wood making Selwood play frames look great in any garden. The wood itself is treated with a protective stain wash and smoothed down to make it safe for climbing frames. The protective stain is red which is what gives Selwood climbing frames their distinctive orange wood colour and also helps the wood stay in better condition for longer.

Selwood playsets are designed to stand on top of grass or a safety flooring as opposed to being sunken into the ground. As this is the case, climbing frames from Selwood need to be installed in a flat area of your garden so they are stable and secure enough for children to play on. Climbing frames from Jungle Gym, Dunster House and Action for example are designed to stand on top the ground also and are not suited to sloping gardens.

Although Selwood climbing frames are designed with self-assembly in mind it is sometimes a lot less stressful to have professional installers build Ridgeview deluxe climbing frameyour climbing frame. Our team of certified climbing frame installers have years of experience in the assembly of children’s playsets so you can be confident that your play frame will be correctly and safely installed. Our playset builders have experience in assembling climbing frames from all popular manufacturers including Selwood of course.

The Ridgeview Deluxe climbing frame from Selwood is cleverly designed with a huge selection of fun activities packed into a playset which is still suitable for small to medium sized gardens. The Ridgeview Deluxe is perfect for keeping boredom at bay and will definitely encourage children to play outdoors more and get plenty of exercise. Climbing frames can keep kids amused for hours on end, after school, at weekends, when friends come round and even during school holidays.

The Ridgeview Deluxe play frame features a wooden play fort with a raised play deck for children to climb to, a wooden roof, an enclosed lower play cabin, a rockwall ladder, a slide, monkey bars, picnic stools, a swing set and even a chalk board for kids to draw and write on. This fun-filled playset Ridgeview deluxe climbing frame selwoodwill certainly keep children amused for as long as they can play for!

The wooden play tower includes a spacious play deck which is railed around the outside to keep kids safe. The play deck is also covered by a wooden roof which provides shelter in wet weather and also in hot weather for the play deck so kids can play happily. Children can climb to the play deck using the rockwall ladder at the front of the play frame which caters to different climbing abilities. As the rockwall ladder is two activities in one it means that children can challenge themselves if they wish on just the rockwall grips, but younger children can still climb confidently using the ladder for an easier climb.

The slide at the front of the climbing frame provides a fun way for children to exit the play deck and is a popular accessory. Also, children can use the monkey bars at the back of the play frame to climb to the play deck. Monkey bars are a very popular accessory also and can provide a slightly more challenging activity for older children to enjoy. Monkey bars help children gain confidence as well as improving their strength and coordination skills.

To one side of the play fort is the swing set which includes two flexible belt swings and a two seater glider swing. The flexible belt swings are designed to help children balance safely on the swings as the sides of the swing seat hold onto children’s hips. The two seater glider swing is a great activity for kids to play on together and work as a pair.

Beneath the play deck is the enclosed lower play cabin which is a fun place for kids to play together and use as a secret play den for storing toys etc. The lower play cabin includes a door at the back and windows at the side. On one side of the playhouse is a large window/serving hatch which also acts as a picnic bench too as there are two picnic stools on the outside of the play cabin. The stools are handy for children to have a rest or a sanck between play and the window hatch also inspires games like shops and cafes and restaurants.

This fun packed playset is definitely a great investment for your family and will provide hours of fun.

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If you would like your climbing frame professionally installed contact the climbing frame installers today. Our certified playset builders have years of experience and will ensure your climbing frame is safely assembled in no time.

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