Stress Free Climbing Frame Installation

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Professional Climbing Frame Installation for a Stress Free Assembly


Wooden Outdoor play frames from most popular children’s play equipment manufacturers are designed and prepared for self-assembly. However you Climbing Frame Installermay not necessarily wish to assemble your climbing frame yourself and may want to have it professionally installed so you can be sure it is built correctly and safe to play on.

At Climbing Frame Installer we provide a professional but affordable climbing frame installation service across England and Wales. Our certified team have over 9 years’ experience in assembling children’s playsets and can remove the stress and pressure of a DIY garden climbing frame. Our team of playset installers are experienced constructing climbing frames from most popular manufacturers including Selwood Products, Play Crazy, Dunster House, Jungle Gym, NI, Costco, Action, Plum Products and Wickey Toys, just to name a few.

Many climbing frames on the market include large accessories or heavy parts so you may need to assemble them as a team of two people. Our professional climbing frame installers build in a pair to ensure we can assemble your play frame quickly and efficiently. We understand it can be difficult for you and a friend to find the spare time to work together constructing an outdoor play frame, so why not take advantage of our installation service and have your playset built for you.

Climbing Frame Installer Climbing frames, particularly large ones such as triple towers from Play Crazy like the Hulk, the Scar and the Simba climbing frames, or the MegaFort Mountain from Dunster House can be a time consuming piece of play equipment to assemble. It is also extremely important when constructing a playset to ensure all of the correct parts, including nuts, bolts and screws are used in the right place. Bolts and screws included with self-assembly climbing frames are designed specifically for certain accessories with different thresholds and strength. For example it would be dangerous to use the wrong size bolt for an accessory such as fixing the swings on or monkey bars etc. The most important thing about getting everything in the right place is ensuring that you playset is going to be safe for your children to play on. If you are not very familiar with DIY or even wooden play equipment things can go wrong very quickly.

Outdoor play frames, especially very large ones like triple tower playsets can include a lot of wood and a lot of small parts to sort out before you even get started building. It is important to sort out what goes where before you begin assembling your playset and this can be a very time consuming



process, particularly if you are not familiar with any of the parts. This is one of the reasons why employing professional play frame installers is a great benefit is because our experienced installers have built a lot of popular climbing frames many times and are very familiar with what goes where!

One other thing which can be difficult is getting your head around the instruction manual. Most play frames from well-known brands do come with an instruction manual but these can be difficult to get your head around, even if you are confident with DIY. Our team of experienced climbing frame installers are very familiar with instructions for most playsets and how to fix accessories.

Our playset builders can save you time and hassle by installing your climbing frame for you. We ensure that every play frame we build is correctly and safely installed on so you can be confident your climbing frame is safe to play on.

For help with the installation of your climbing frame contact our installers today. Our certified builders are helpful and efficient and can have your climbing frame built in no time so the kids won’t have to wait to play on it.

For a quote please call 07792309588 or email us at: [email protected].

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