Perfect Child’s Trampoline Placement How do you hide your ugly children’s trampolines? Well you have options. Behind hedges and trees where the leaves will blow into the safety netting or it will blow over or away in heavy winds…… so what is your perfect solution? Burry it and keep your garden looking fresh and clean

Climbing Frame Accessories

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How long have you spent looking for a climbing frame, where have you got it and what The binoculars can be found from most of the retailers, some of the playsets actually include them to try and make you decide that the whole playset is better value. The binoculars do not actually zoom. They are

The Shelbyville Deluxe Climbing Frame, Selwood Products Our climbing frame installers have years of experience in constructing children’s playsets like the Shelbyville Deluxe climbing frame from Selwood Products. The Shelbyville Deluxe play frame is packed full of exciting activities. This spacious playset includes everything kids could wish for, including a play fort, two slides, a

The Selwood Products Windale Climbing Frame   Installing a Windale Climbing Frame from Selwood With Spring fast approaching, climbing frames are a fantastic outdoor toy to keep children healthy and active. Our professional climbing frame installers recently built the Windale playset from Selwood Products, which is an attractive play frame jam packed with activities to

The Mount Forest Lodge Climbing Frame, Selwood Products The Mount Forest Lodge climbing frame is one of the larger, more elaborate children’s playsets from Selwood Products. This play frame is constructed using premium cedar wood which is specifically engineered to provide strength and stability to the climbing frame. The cedar wood is coated with an

The Mountainview Resort Climbing Frame, Selwood Products Our team of professional climbing frame installers have over 9 years of experience in building playsets like the Mountainview Resort climbing frame from Selwood Products. The Mountainview Resort climbing frame features a pretty and detailed play fort, including a 5ft high play deck for children to climb to.

The Sandy Cove Climbing Frame

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The Sandy Cove Climbing Frame Selwood Products Sandy Cove Climbing Frame Installation Climbing Frames can provide hours of fun and entertainment for children whilst keeping them healthy and active outdoors at the same time. The Sandy Cove Climbing frame is packed with fun games and activities and therefore is suitable to be installed in medium

The Selwood Products Ridgeview Deluxe Climbing Frame Ridgeview Deluxe Climbing Frame Installation Our team of experienced climbing frame installers recently constructed a Ridgeview Deluxe playset from Selwood Products. This elegant children’s climbing frame is packed with exciting activities and is the ideal outdoor toy for kids (especially as Spring is just around the Children’s play

The Bayfield Retreat Climbing Frame   Our professional climbing frame builders recently installed the Bayfield Retreat climbing frame from Selwood Products. This beautiful jam packed playset can be built on grass, or any woodchip based or rubbing flooring, in any medium to large sized garden. The Bayfield Retreat may not be suitable to be installed