Which Climbing Frame Slide ?

Saturday, 14 February 2015 by

Choice of Climbing Frame Slides, Pos and Cons   While looking for your perfect climbing frame you have many things to contend with, is the ground level. How much do you want to spend and then thinking what type of climbing frame fits the specification you need, if your struggling to chose the climbing frame

Climbing Frame Installer This for better terms is what we do, you have seen flat pack Ikea Cupboards and kitchen draws that need building. Now imagine that in your garden in multiple boxes, limited screws and bolts and instructions written by someone in an office. Yes the instructions are their to help but very rarely

Deciding which climbing frame seems to be a stressful beginning to what should be a fun and exciting time for your family bring some amazing memories and even larger smiles for your children and friends. Things to Consider: What are you looking at, What are your restrictions, Size of your garden? Your Budget? What climbing