Installing a Selwood Skyfort Climbing Frame    The Skyfort is an impressive looking children’s climbing frame from Selwood Product’s playset range. This spectacular climbing frame is one of Selwood’s most action packed frames and is designed with larger gardens in mind. If you are not lucky enough to have a garden that is spacious enough

Installation of a Selwood Penshurst Climbing Frame   The Penshurst is a fun packed climbing frame from Selwood’s Olympia Series of children’s playsets. Like all of Selwood‘s play sets, the Penshurst is engineered using premium cedar wood which is treated with an attractive red stain which is what makes Selwood Products climbing frames recognisable. The

Selwood Products Skyfort vs. PlayCrazy Double Tower Climbing Frame   There are many different designs, styles, shapes and sizes of climbing frames and playsets on the market and it can be very difficult choosing a climbing frame that is going to suit your family best. There are a number of children’s climbing frame manufacturer’s and

Selwood Products Osborn Climbing Frame

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Installation of a Selwood Osborn Climbing Frame   Part of the Selwood Products Olympia Series, the Osborn climbing frame provides safe, fun play for all the family. The Osborn is a brilliantly designed play frame which is ideal for those who have smaller gardens but want to fit everything in still. The Osborn is a

Is Your Garden Level?

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How to check if your garden is flat and which climbing frame will suit it best…   Climbing frames make a fabulous addition to any garden and are the ultimate outdoor toy for kids to enjoy! Play frames are not only great at keeping boredom at bay and amusing the kid for hours, they are

New Climbing Frames to Selwood Products

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The New Climbing Frame Range from Selwood Products   Selwood have introduced some brand new playsets to their range of children’s play equipment, just in time for Christmas and the new year! Climbing frames are a fantastic way to keep children active and healthy all year round, and they make the perfect Christmas presents too.

Selwood Products Penshurst Climbing Frame

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Installing a Penshurst Climbing Frame   The Penshurst climbing frame is a beautiful action packed playset from Selwood Product’s 2013 range. This cute and detailed play frame is jam packed with activities including the very popular monkey bars that little ones will go wild for. The Penshurst climbing frame is very similar to the Osborn

Commercial vs. Domestic Climbing Frames – Safety Requirements, Standards & Regulations     Climbing Frames designed only for domestic use must comply to EN71 safety standards. The European standard EN 71 specifies the necessary safety requirements for climbing frames and other toys. Children’s play equipment sold for domestic use are legally required to comply with

Safety Surfacing and Flooring Types for Climbing Frames   It is a requirement that all climbing frames and playground equipment for commercial use are installed with an adequate safety surface or floor. It is important that the correct safety flooring is used with individual climbing frames and kids play equipment. The thickness of the safety

Installation of a Selwood Products Arlington Climbing Frame   The Arlington playset is truly impressive and features many exciting activities to keep children entertained. The Arlington is one of the larger climbing frames in the Selwood range and is fantastic value for money as it has a great deal to offer. This stunning playset is