Eco Friendly Playground Design: The last thing on any child’s mind as they are happily playing on climbing frames and swings is whether their playground equipment is having a detrimental effect on the environment, and therefore their future enjoyment of the planet! But as they grow older this will start having an impact on their

How Does Your Climbing Frame Arrive?

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You spend your whole life trying to keep your kids happy, safe and to give them the best you can however when ordering your climbing frame and outdoor toys do you think about how they will arrive, how will it get built and when it is built even if you pay a chippy how do

Climbing Frame UK Top Ten Playsets 2012

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Climbing Frame UK Rate Their Climbing Frames On a recent blog posting from Climbing Frames UK they have rated and selected what they think are the ten climbing frames. It is a surprise we think that the top sets are all the smaller sets but this is showing and could be the average garden in

It’s important to check your wooden climbing frame play system regularly.  If you have chosen a metal playset then this is not as so important but the climbing frames we mostly install are domestic wooden play frames mostly sold by Selwood, Plum Products or Action Climbing Frames. The wood on these climbing frames will move, this