The climbing frame market now has so many options for the average family in England if you want one and you have a reasonible buget you can find discounted playset or something in a sale to fit your garden space. The average modern garden now is getting smaller and the houses are being extended into

Toy safety fοr children іѕ something thаt еνеrу parent іѕ aware οf but might not fully understand or think about at point of purchase. You need to access and understand whаt’s safe аt various ages or your childs life or you сουld еnd up having аn accident them choking οn small раrtѕ or falling from

The best thing to do is to check the packaging and wood when it arrives. Once companies like Selwood Products, Action Climbing Frame, Max Play, Jungle Gym, Dunster House and Plum Products send the climbing frame out to retailers or into the delivery service they can’t tell how it will arrive to you. You as

The Selwood Highlander is a multi level split play system. The cedar wood climbing frame is fairly tall and stands above almost all other boxed domestic climbing frames. Climbing up the ladder on the back is the lower deck, up to the next deck you have the top of the rock wall and slide and

We were called by a nice lady near Oxford in Oxfordshire, Aylesbury with 2 children who wanted a nice strong cedar playset and chose the Selwood Atlantis. She had been reading about the quality of wood an extras that each wooden playset has. She was trying to choose at first between a Plum Products climbing

  Plum Products Children’s Garden Wooden Picnic Table with Parasol 25075 Description: Your young children will feel all grown up with their own garden furniture, the perfect place for a tea party or to play games. This Plum® picnic table is supplied with a colourful parasol to provide vital shade from the sun. A solid